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How it works

Multiply your giving in 3 simple steps


Give to your favorite nonprofit

Give a small amount to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit you love, or invite them if they don’t have an account. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

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Invite your friends and fans to give & tell them to invite more people

Grow your total impact by recruiting friends, family, or fans to give by using your link to give.


Track how much has been donated each month because of you

Check to see how much money has been donated every month because of you, and watch how giving a small account can turn into a much larger impact.

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Choose a Nonprofit

Give to one of the many nonprofits we support

Ellicott City Partnership

Ellicott City Partnership

  • The Ellicott City Partnership works to preserve the heritage and vitality of Historic Ellicott City, Maryland while creating and enhancing economic growth
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Stillborn And Infant Loss Support

  • SAILS provides community, mentorship, education and advocacy to families impacted by pregnancy loss or the death of a baby before their first birthday
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Columbia Community Care

Columbia Community Care

  • Columbia Community Care provides resources, services, and programs to students and families in Howard County
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  • 100% tax deductable
  • Give to any 501(c)(3) on Fundup
  • Track your biggest donors and fundraisers
  • Donations are deposited monthly into your bank account using Stripe

Give more using Fundup

Your $5 per month goes a lot farther using Fundup that giving straight to a nonprofit

Monthly sustainers

Connect with donors who want to give to your nonprofit every month instead of once per year

We’ll handle receipts

Don't sweat it. We send tax receipts to donors who give to you through Fundup

Pause anytime

Donors can pause their donations at any time.

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